Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Duplicate Content is SEO Death

Google actively punishes duplicate content on your web site. I discovered this hard way back in 2007. I'd created a site that provided 3 different ways to link to content, only to discover I'd ended up in Google's supplementary index.


As often happens, what was a very good idea (in terms of the original purpose of those 3 linking methods) turned out to provide me with an entirely different benefit. It stimulated my first foray into the world of search engine optimisation, as I tried to find out what the supplementary index was, and how I ended up there.

It's essential that your site contains only original content, and that you provide a single method of linking to each page on your site. This includes making sure your domain name is standardised on either the www or non-www form of the domain (ask your web designer about forcing a canonical domain name).