Saturday, 30 May 2009

One of my servers is down - Twitter to the rescue

The company that provides 5 of my servers had a massive power failure recently. Not only did it take out 2 of my servers, it also took the company's own site offline. They got an emergency page up, directing me to their Twitter page.

They used Twitter to keep me (and all their other clients) up-to-speed with their progress getting things back up and running.

This is an excellent use of Twitter. It takes an engineer mere seconds to post a 'tweet', and impatient clients such as myself feel like we're in the loop. It's amazing how much more reassured I felt knowing they were working on it, and seeing updates come through in real time.

This is one more reason (as if one were needed) to get your business on Twitter as soon as possible. Join here, and/or follow my Internet marketing updates on Twitter.


Mark Shaw said...

HI Wayne, this is indeed a great use for Twitter. The fact that the customer can be kept up to speed by the company, and how it is being resolved is what is needed.

Well done to the company.. I hope that they got the issue sorted..



Wayne Davies said...

Hi Mark

Thanks for your kind words. They did get the situation sorted, and quickly too. I can thoroughly recommend Bytemark. I've always had excellent service from them.