Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Unlock the power of lead generation

You can turn your own web site into a powerful lead generation machine. Here's how...

  • Get more visitors to your site
  • Turn those visitors into serious business enquiries
How to get more visitors to your site:

Here's the approach I recommend to my clients when they don't want to pay me to do it for them...
  • Set aside 30 minutes every day (7 days a week), and find somewhere new to list your site (free of charge) every single day (directories, classified sites)
  • Start a Twitter page, and update it 3 times per day (allow 3 minutes per update)
  • Write one article per 3 days and publish it on a 3rd party article site
  • Get a Blogger page and publish 1 new article per week
  • Set aside £3 a day to advertise in Google AdWords. Limit your ads geographically, and set the maximum price per click to 20p (i.e. 15 clicks per day)
  • All these ads and articles should like back to your site
This approach works to send you visitors, and improve your ranking in Google. It works even better if you invest the next 7 minutes finding out about how to use a contextual link.

Turn a visitor into a serious business enquiry

This is where lead generation experts earn they pay. It's not easy to achieve, but worth investing either your time or money (i.e. pay an expert to get it working). As soon as it is, you'll find your web site can send you as many leads as you're likely to need.

You'll find an overview of one of my favourite techniques in an article titled online marketing strategy. Don't let the name fool you. This article explains an especially powerful method of lead generation, and is well worth reading.