Friday, 5 June 2009

Weeding out the unsuitable

An important element in lead generation, is weeding out people you don't want to talk to. This may sound harsh, but it's actually in the interests of both parties. For example, it's worth dissuading and/or eliminating people who...
  • Can't afford your product
  • Are still looking around and aren't yet ready to buy
  • Aren't looking for your specific version of a product
  • Are in direct competition with you and on the hunt for information
  • Couldn't make up their mind if their life depended on it (i.e. ditherers)
The lead generation process should identify such people, and given them the opportunity to opt out of the process. The methods for achieving this are...
  • The language used in the copy (e.g. 'are you ready' versus 'would you like')
  • Multi-page lead generation copy providing natural places to opt out
  • Using questions to qualify and direct the prospect to the most suitable next stage
  • Providing the prospect with a good reason to answer questions that allow the system to eliminate the unsuitable before they're invited to contact you
The purpose of this approach isn't to be cold-hearted. It's to ensure your lead generation system frees you up to see people ready to talk seriously about your product or service. It ensures you maximise your time, and invest it in genuine customers.