Tuesday, 21 July 2009

9 Brilliant Sites for Article Marketing

Of all the people that can make use of article marketing, it's the DIY SEO crowd who stand to gain the most. In particular, article marketing offers these 2 key benefits...
  1. You get inbound contextual links
  2. You send visitors direct to one or more web sites under your control
The first benefit is of particular significance to search engine optimisers. Not only is a contextual link one of the most powerful tools in our toolbox, it will sit on a highly focused web page that contains content directly related to the web page it's linking to.

The cherry on the top is that the page itself will be allocated to a relevant category. The title tag and page name may also conform to best SEO practice (especially if you construct your headline carefully).

All these factors work together to make it highly likely your article will be index well for several long tail keyword searches. And if you want to, you can add it to a virtuous SEO circle and derive additional benefits.

The plain fact is, article marketing and SEO work well together. If you can put together half-decent copy, article marketing is something worth investigating. And to get you started, here are 9 of my favourite article marketing and content sharing sites...
  1. Ezine Articles
  2. Buzzle
  3. Easy Articles
  4. Go Articles
  5. Junta42 (content sharing)
  6. DropJack (content sharing)
  7. Article Alley
  8. Delicious (content sharing)
  9. Technorati (blog search engine)
Even better, here's another content sharing site I've thrown in as an extra bonus: Stumble Upon. 'Stumbling' is a fantastic way to discover new content on the web, and share you own articles (or videos or photos) with others.

Each of these sites has something unique to offer you. For example, Ezine Articles attracts high Google ranking, and a lot of visitors every day. Go Articles gets your content online quickly. Junta42 and DropJack will send you traffic.

Content sharing sharing sites help you to tell others about the article you've just written. These sites tend to rely on voting, and it's possible to work in conjunction with others to get more attention for your articles (and give your virtuous SEO circle a boost).


Anonymous said...

Those are the article directory sites that gives lots of traffic to a site.

BTW, Article marketing is a highly effective and usually free way of advertising your website. This is because article marketing gives you back links and the more backlinks you have to your website, the higher your PR will rise in the search engines.

Wayne Davies said...

Well sure, I have some evidence of this. In fact, even nofollow article sites can deliver SEO benefit despite the fact this shouldn't happen in theory (the same is true of popular Twitter and Facebook pages in my opinion). But ultimately, I think an author needs to know what s/he is hoping to achieve. If it's simply traffic, it's a lot of work to get 20-30 visitors.