Monday, 6 July 2009

Shock! Horror! People go online to socialise...not shop

A survey of Internet usage by Rudder Finn has found that only 1/3rd of people go online to shop, and even fewer to compare prices. So why do people go online?
  • 92% say they're there to socialise
  • 86% to share
  • 76% to have discussions
Commenting on the results of the survey, Michael Schubert (Chief Innovation Officer at Ruder Finn) said "...for many years the Web was characterized as a 'task-oriented' medium whose most direct appeal...was accelerating the purchase process. But [the] path to purchase is a lot more complicated..."

Based on my experience with Internet lead generation, I have to agree. Simply asking somebody for their email address, and promising to send them a free report no longer works. Lead generation requires a much greater degree of sophistication than it once did.

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