Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Tell a story (copy writing technique)

Need a way to spice up your ad, brand, promotional or sales copy? How about something new and interesting to add to your Blog? Here's a great tip: Tell a story.

What kind of story? It depends on the circumstances...
  • If you're traying to make a point, create a story that illustrates the point. For example, don't just tell people how healthy an energy bar is - include a story that clearly shows the benefits of using it the way your target market expects it to be used.
  • If you're trying to explain how useful a meditation technique is, give a personal testimony of the benefits you've received.
  • If you've personally benefited by following a particular sales technique, tell a before and after rags-to-riches story that highlights the difference the new approach makes.
If you receive a testimonial from a client, call the person on the phone and get more details. See if you can build a story around the client's experiences.

Your story should aim to be interesting. It can't merely be a one-sided pitch for your product. It will be interesting if it includes drama, action, comedy or fun. Introducing a few surprises, or even a plot twist can spice things up. Maybe there's room for a protagonist and antagonist?

Whatever you do, a well-told story is inherently more interesting than most ad copy will ever be.