Thursday, 24 December 2009

How Clients Help Define a Target Market: The web marketing process (part 7)

The Web Marketing Process | Objectives
This article is part 7 of a series. You'll find part one here. And part 6 here.

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The easiest way to define a target market for lead generation is to look at the people who buy your product right now.
  1. Why do they buy it?
  2. What do they do with it?
  3. What makes these people different from those who don't buy your product?
  4. What makes these people different from those who buy your type of product from a competitor?
  5. Why did your customers choose you? And/or your product?
  6. What emotional benefit do they get from owning your product?
  7. How do they buy it?
  8. Where can they buy your product on the Internet?
  9. When are they most likely to think about buying your product?
If you don't know the answers to these questions, ask your clients. Use to easily create a free online survey. Ideally, you can contact each respondent and explore their answers in more details.

What you're looking for are things that had your existing client choose you, so you can consciously incorporate those things in your marketing.

The answers your clients give to these questions will apply equally well to people who aren't already clients, but who are in your target market.

You also need to know where you're most likely to find your target market on the Internet. This may take time to understand properly. You may have to run many tests, tracking results over several months to truly understand where your pound is best invested.

Target marketing and testing is money well spent. It's far better to fail 4 times, and understand why you succeeded on the 5th, that it is to succeed 5 times with no idea why.

If you properly track your results, understand which ratios must improve, and then improve them, you have won your success through knowledge.

This is the heart and soul of wildly successful marketing.

In the part 8 we'll look at how to define a new target market with lead generation in mind.

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