Monday, 25 May 2009

Adding the second keyword

Your initial SEO efforts should focus on a single focused keyword phrase. This strong focus makes it easier to get a page one search engine listing for your site when people enter the keyword phrase into Google.

That's exactly what I did for a client that wanted to get a brand new site listed on page one for the term perspex furniture. I'm happy to report that objective has been achieved.

When I did the initial keyword research on 'perspex furniture', I found there were more searches for the phrase 'acrylic furniture'. As a result, I've now started work on this term. I'd like to see my client listed in the top 3 for both keyword phrases.

Here's how to go about securing a second keyword once the first objective has been achieved...
  • Add the new search term to the title tag
  • Add internal contextual links back to the homepage that contain the new keyword phrase
  • Add external inbound contextual links back to the homepage
  • Add new pages to the site that specifically focus on the new keyword phrase
If the term you're after is heavily contested, give thought to creating a site specifically for it. That way, you can buy a domain name that includes the keyword phrase. You also get to create content that focuses exclusively on the topic in question.