Monday, 25 May 2009

Lead Generation Leverage

I use the word leverage in lead generation to refer to an additional persuasive element introduced after the offer, and before contact details are collected. It goes like this...
  1. A problem experienced by the target market is raised. I offer to solve it instantly, right there on the site. That's the offer.
  2. My lead generation system asks the questions necessary to deliver the solution. The resulting data tells me a lot about each prospect.
  3. My system delivers the solution (usually information).
  4. Sometimes the information is complex, and expert help is required. Sometimes the information calls for implementation, and either expert help is required, or the prospect is too busy to do it themselves. Sometimes the answers given in step 2 reveal something the prospect hasn't yet done. The system offers expert help from industry insiders (e.g. to find and book the perfect venue in the case of a person looking to book corporate entertainment for an upcoming venue).
  5. If the prospect says 'yes' to this help, I then (and only then) ask for contact details and a best time to call.
Contrast this gentle approach with ham-fisted attempts to grab your email address the moment you arrive on a web site. The site owner has done nothing for you, and made no attempt to find out what you're looking for. And now s/he wants to add you to his/her email newsletter.

My approach applies leverage at exactly the right moment, by offering prospects access to expert help to complete a task that has to be done. Which is why it works so well.