Saturday, 16 May 2009

Building Your Own Virtuous Circle

Imagine having your own set of highly ranked sites entirely under your control. What could you achieve with this kind of SEO power at your finger tips?

It's entirely possible if you're...
  • Prepared to write and publish one article per day to a third party article site
  • Prepared to write and publish one article per day to a Blog hosted on a 3rd party Blog site
  • Willing to regularly update a dedicated Twitter page
  • Able to write and publish one article per day to your own web site
Not everybody can do this. For some, the problem is lack of inspiration. They simply can't imagine coming up with 4 new topics each and every day. For others, the problem is lack of ability. They can't see themselves churning out all that content each and every day. Yet more people would rather do anything else than work.

This is why you should do it. Anything you can do that can't easily be copied by others gives you a competitive advantage. And in this case, the advantage is enormous. Here's how it works...
  • Use third party article sites to promote your own site, your dedicated Twitter page, other articles you've written, and your Blog. I don't mean that every single article should contain 4 links. On the contrary, you should limit these links and play a more conservative game. Over time, you can build page rank simply by sticking with this plan.
  • Use frequent Twitter tweets to pick up followers. These are essentially leads. Direct them to your Blog and specific content on your web site. The purpose here is to pick up readers to assist your article marketing efforts.
  • Use your Blog to send visitors to articles, Twitter and specific pages on your site.
  • Use your site articles to promote your Twitter page, your Blog and specific articles you've written.
The engines that drive all this activity are the third party article sites. Over time, links from these sites help improve the page rank of your Twitter page, Blog and pages within your web site. As your page rank grows, so do the links you're sending back to articles published on third party sites.

Over time, you benefit from a virtuous circle. It's the online equivalent of 'all ships rise on a rising tide'.