Saturday, 16 May 2009

How to Find Directories to help with SEO

One of the ways you can improve your search engine page rank, is to get yourself listed in category-specific directories. For example, a perspex furniture company will benefit from being listed in furniture-specific directories.

These listings may or may not send visitors to your site, but each one will play a small part in helping to improve your effectiveness in search engines.

Using our perspex furniture company as an example, here's how to go about discovering new category specific directories...
  • Create a folder in your bookmarks menu called Furniture Directory (replace furniture with your category)
  • Use each of the main search engines (they tend to display different results): Google, Yahoo Search, MSN, and ASK
  • Enter the search phrase “furniture directory” (replace furniture with your category)
  • Visit each site, give it a 10 second once-over to make sure it's suitable, and bookmark it if it is
  • Enter more specific search phrases. Examples: free furniture directory, perspex furniture directory, acrylic furniture directory, furniture manufacturer directory, list of furniture directories
Aim to bookmark 100 directories in total. Set aside 30 minutes per day to visit each directory and submit your site. Submitting your site to 1 directory per day is more useful in SEO terms, than submitting to 100 sites at once.

It's likely you won't successfully submit to every single site you find. If you find you can't or don't want to submit to a particular site, delete it from your bookmark and move on to the next in the list. What matters is that you submit to a site every day.

This low-level SEO activity pays off over the longer term. Don't expect to get to page one of Google overnight. And make sure you read this article about contextual linking before you start.