Sunday, 17 May 2009

Copy Writing Skills - Sales Ads

A sales ad has to answer 4 basic questions before it can secure the sale. The questions are...
  1. What will it (the product) do for me?
  2. Is that what I want?
  3. Can I afford it?
  4. Why should I buy it now, and from this seller?
Many sales ads fail at the very first question, because they attempt to describe a list of features rather than answer the question being asked. The prospect isn't asking what does the product do. S/he is asking what will it do for me?

Your answer must speak directly to the emotional need you believe your target market has. This answers the second question (for those in your target market).

A sales ad has to address the question 'Can I afford it?' The answer is almost certainly 'yes' for most products and services. If the prospect is resisting, it signals a failure of the ad copy to convey sufficient value.

There are numerous ways to handle the fourth question, including a time-limited special offer, limited supply, special pricing and one or more free gifts. An online sales ad has to close the deal right there and then, which is why urgency and scarcity are useful persuasion tools.