Tuesday, 19 May 2009

'With Compliments' Slips - A marketing opportunity

Does your business use 'With Compliments' slips? If it does, have you taken advantage of the online marketing opportunity they represent? If you're not, you're missing out on a potential source of sales.

A 'With Compliments' slip is handy for those occasions when you want to add a quick note, and don't require a letterhead. They serve a couple of marketing purposes...
  • It's a way to say thank you (conveying social benefit)
  • It's a way to reinforce your brand and company name
  • It's a medium to which you can add a marketing offer
It's this last point that offers interesting possibilities. A 'With Compliments' slip can become a form of lead generation, helping to alert new and existing clients to a product or service your business offers.

This must be constructed as a proper offer. It should be compelling, and direct people to a special landing page on your web site set up for the purpose. In particular, you want to know how many visitors the 'With Compliments' slip has generated.

Assuming you do this right, you'll find your business stationary can pay for itself (or even generate a profit).