Monday, 18 May 2009

Want to improve your site's performance in search engines?

In SEO, content is king (or so the saying goes). And the plain fact is, one of the best ways to improve the amount of traffic you get from search engines is to add original content to your site. 'Original content' means information you created from scratch. It can't already exist anywhere else on the Internet.

A search engine optimisation strategy will typically include a content goal, and focus on...
  • The type of people the site has to attract
  • What kind of content will attract these people (content marketing)
  • A method to ensure the regular addition of new content
One way to boost a site's content is to look for web pages that focus on more than one thing. For example, take a look at this page on a corporate entertainment web site. The page contains a description of 6 different acts. This has the following disadvantages from an SEO perspective...
  • The title tag can't contain the main keyword focus of the page (because there isn't one, there are 6)
  • The act mentioned in the first paragraph will get more attention than the rest
  • There's no scope to use an internal contextual link to improve the search engine rank of each individual act (a comon SEO problem)
  • The amount of text written for each act is constrained by the fact there are 5 other acts
It would be relatively easy to split the corporate entertainment page into 7 unique pages. The first would be a summary page, much like the current one. It would link to the other 6. These 6 would each focus on a specific act. Naturally, the site's navigation would link to all 7 pages.

Keyword research would quickly turn up a long-tailed search term for each page, providing a strong focus and a 600% greater chance to get each act onto page one of Google for its own search term.