Thursday, 26 November 2009

Backlink Builder - The uber useful SEO tool

There are 3 main tasks in SEO. They are research, content optimization and backlink building. The last (backlink building) is by far the most difficult. It requires a combination of dogged determination and endless patience.

One of the main challenges is finding places willing to link back to your site. It can take hours (literally) of searching to find a single site that...
  • Will publish a one-way link to your site
  • Is actually worth getting a link from
Fortunately, help is at hand. A handy SEO tool called Backlink Builder does much of the hard work for you. Simply enter a keyword phrase into its Keyword box, and click the Submit button.

Backlink builder then searches a wide variety of sites that accept new links, and are willing to do so using the keyword you specify (i.e. a contextual link). It then returns hundreds of candidates within minutes, saving you hours of "search and explore" misery.


Anonymous said...

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