Friday, 1 January 2010

Defining a New Target Market: The Web Marketing Process (part 8)

The Web Marketing Process | Objectives
This article is part 8 of a series. You'll find part one here. And part 7 here.

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Lead generation can be used to expand into new markets. For example...
  • You may discover your existing client base isn't easy to locate on the Internet, so you're forced to find a new market
  • Perhaps your business is looking to increase its revenue by marketing an existing product to a new audience
  • Your business may introduce a new product designed to appeal to a different audience, such as...
  • Younger people
  • Older people
  • A higher or lower socio-economic group
  • A different lifestyle
  • A different geographic area
  • Maybe even an International audience

Any time you expand into a new target market, it's essential that you understand what drives that market. This isn't necessarily a matter of understanding the demographic, socio or geographic make-up of the market.

It's about understanding how to create an offer that appeals to the people in your target market.

Lead generation requires that you overcome human inertia, and motivate a person to take the action you want (i.e. to respond to your offer).

To do this, you need to know enough about your target market to understand what sort of offer they won't be able to resist.

If your company has no experience with this new market, you're going to need to get it. This may involve market research. It can also involve a series of trial campaigns.

In part 9 you'll look at the role and use of market research in the web marketing process.

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Technology Sales Lead said...

Nice article about lead generation.Keep on writing posts.The content is very good and informational.

Alexander said...

Hi good post, very interesting

Wayne Davies said...

Thanks for your feedback. There's plenty more to come on this, though I'm behind schedule at the moment due to several SEO and a big lead generation project.

Jody Smith said...

I'm loving this series. Please hurry up and post some more!

Wayne Davies said...

A new addition to the series went live yesterday. Click here to view.