Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Deep Linking Techniques

A 'deep link' is a link to a page on a website that isn't the homepage. Naturally it must obey all the other conventions of SEO link building...
  • It must be from an external site (from them to you)
  • It must be a one-way link (i.e. no reciprocal link)
  • It must convey SEO benefit (i.e. a dofollow link from a credible source)

A lot of SEO link building makes use of web directories. This is a quick and simple way of getting a link back to a web site.

While a web directory is the SEO Professionals' 'old faithful', it's of little help when it comes to deep linking. Most web directories will only accept links to a site's homepage. So what do you do when you need to raise the importance of some other page on your site? Here are several options...
  • Write an article and get it published on a dedicated article site. Link to the page on your site from the author profile
  • Write a blog article and use it link to the webpage
  • Create a Squidoo lens and generate deep links from that
  • Find an appropriate 3rd party blog article, make a comment, and link back to the webpage
  • Add the link to a forum signature and start posting
  • Create link bait and link on from that
  • Recreate the page destined for deep linking as link bait in and of itself
  • Try one or more of these specialist deep link directories
Of course, these techniques tend to involve either time or money. For that reason, you may be better off paying a professional to generate links for you (i.e. save yourself lots of time).

I'm currently working on a this root canal treatment page for a dentist in Battersea. As you can see, it's unlikely this page will pick up links on its own. And it's not the sort of page that can be rewritten as link bait either (within the context of this particular site).

As a result, link building must be done the hard way!

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Anonymous said...

Hey thanks for the info on deep linking. Its difficult to get quality SEO info these days. Will read your stuff religiously in the future Check out the company I work for if youd like as well.Underground Elephant

Wayne Davies said...

Thanks Underground Elephant. I suggest you subscribe to the Feedburner email feed for this blog. See the form in the right-hand column near the top.

SEO First said...

Nice post about what is deep linking technique and how it can help websites work for lead generation has been explained out.

ellipsis dive said...

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