Thursday, 16 July 2009

The life-blood of SEO, Internet and social media marketing

Leads are the life-blood of every business. Without leads there can be no sales.

Lead generation is the process of deliberately setting out to find people who are interested in your product or service, and ready to say 'yes' to one of the following...
  • More information
  • A phone call from you to them
  • An appointment with you
That's lead generation. So what's is Internet lead generation?

Internet lead generation uses the web to find people ready to say 'yes'. It also takes advantage of the nature of the web to improve the overall lead generation process. The main way it achieves this is through automation. In particular, a web site can...
  • Ask questions and make decisions based on the answer
  • Link to external content where required
  • Provide additional content to support lead conversion (e.g. video testimonials)
  • Track and measure absolutely everything - automatically
  • Produce real-time reports on demand
  • Send visitors to your landing page (in many ways the Internet is your list - see this Twitter page for an example)
  • Follow up leads automatically
  • Respond in real time (e.g. instant fulfilment of digital products and services)
  • Integrate with traditional offline lead generation activity
If you're starting to get the feeling the web offers you lead generation on steroids, you're absolutely right.

The Internet offers lead generators so much more than we ever had before. Direct marketing has never been as powerful as it is now. If you're not using the full array of Internet marketing and social media tools to promote your business, you're missing out.